Riverfront park Neckarwiese

The Neckarwiese (riverfront park) is an about one kilometer long stretch of green along the north bank of the river. It is used for both recreational and sporting activities, and is another way to enjoy the sights of Heidelberg, as it has an unobstructed view of the Castle and Old Bridge. There are play areas for children, grills for barbecuing, and a lot of grass for lounging, picnicking, or anything else that comes to mind.

Boat Trips

White Fleet Heidelberg (Weisse Flotte Heidelberg)

From April to October, the “Weisse Flotte Heidelberg” offers river cruises along the delightful Neckar Valley from Heidelberg to Neckargemünd or on to Neckarsteinach. There are commentaries on all trips in German, English and French, and on-board catering is provided.

In addition to these round trips, the “Weisse Flotte Heidelberg” also offers a range of themed cruises. For more information and sailing times, visit the official website www.weisse-flotte-heidelberg.de.

Solar-powered boat Neckarsonne

The ship on the Neckar River is powered by solar enery. The passengers experience the most delightful views of the city while the ship gently glides by. During the 50 minutes trip on the river the passengers receive information about solar shuttle and the highlights of Heidelberg and its outlaying areas. You can also rent the solar shuttle for private charter trips.

For more information and sailing times, visit the official website www.hdsolarschiff.com.

Neckar Ferry Liselotte

With the Neckar ferry “Lieselotte” you can easily get from the riverfront park Neuenheimer Neckarwiese (175m away from the hotel) to the Old Town piers Stadthalle and Alte Brücke. Alternatively, in the other direction you can reach the Neuenheimer Feld Campus where there are clinics, research facilities and university institutes. During 2018, the ferry operates from 30th March to 28th October (no service on Tuesdays).

For more information and sailing times, visit the official website https://www.weisse-flotte-heidelberg.de/#!Neckarfaehre_en.

Boat rental on the Neckar shore

At the boat house on the Neckarwiese, from April to September, pedal boats and motor boats are available for rent.

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 2 pm until one hour before sunset
Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 1 pm until one hour before sunset
No rentals during strong wind conditions, steady rainfall or flooding.
For questions and reservations please call:  +49 6221 411925

Philosopher´s Walk (Philosophenweg)

Enjoy a panoramic view of the city – the Philosophenweg or Philosopher’s Walk is famously known as the place where scholars went walking in the past, wearing stiff frock-coats and letting their minds wander as they strolled. On this “climate island”, one of the warmest in Germany, many exotic species thrive: Japanese loquat and American Cypress, Spanish broom and Portuguese cherry, lemon, pomegranate, bamboo, palm and pine. Everything here blooms several weeks earlier than in the valley. From here, you can experience the unique panorama of Heidelberg, as the Philosophenweg provides a true picture post-card view including the Old Town, the river, the Old Bridge, the castle and the Königstuhl mountain which rises nearly 600 meters above the city. From the Philosphenweg, the so-called “serpentine walk” (Schlangenpfad) winds over countless steps and rough cobblestones down to the Old Bridge, a further landmark of the former residence city of sovereign rulers.

Saint´s Hill (Heiligenberg)

On the North banks of the river Neckar you can see the silhouette of the Heiligenberg with a height of 440 m. The Philosophenweg (philosophers' walk) that lies at its foot offers many good viewpoints on Heidelberg. Those who want to see Heidelberg from a higher point should make a trip to the top of the Heiligenberg. Directly beside is the ruin of the Abbey of St. Stephan.

500 m down the road is the Thingstätte, an amphitheater dating from the Nazi period. Following the foot path 200 m to the second peak of the hill, there is a piece of history that is really worth seeing: the ruins of the Abbey of Michael. From here you have an impressive view over the Neckar valley.

King´s Seat (Königstuhl)

From the castle, steep steps (known as the “ladder to heaven”) – and since 1907, also a mountain railway – lead up to the Königstuhl. The railway journey itself is an experience. The Königstuhl is a 567,8-meter-high mountain and is only a stone’s throw away from Heidelberg’s Old Town. Here you’ll find an oasis of calm and relaxation as well as a fantastic view onto Heidelberg and the Neckar Valley.

On the Königstuhl, visitors can enjoy not only breathtaking views of Heidelberg, but also many different attractions: the theme park Märchenparadies (Fairy Tale Paradise) spans 48.000 square meters and promises a magical experience for the whole family. The Falconry Tinnunculus organizes public daily flying displays, while at the Landessternwarte (astronomical observatory), you can dive into the fascinating world of astronomy.

If you prefer walking or hiking, the Königstuhl is a starting point for many appealing destinations, with paths suitable for all fitness levels. The routes are clearly marked and end near public transportation stops.


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